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Slovakia is a country with unique natural landscape and a rich history situated in the heart of Europe (in the middle of Europe). The Teutons, the Celts, the Romans as well as the Habsburg dynasty have left their traces between the Tatras and the Danube. In its history, the country rich in gold and silver has been affected by a number of European historic events very intensively. Slovakia houses a lot of castles, palaces, gothic cathedrals, unique wooden churches, and aristocracy mansions wrapped up in countless legends and myths. The world’s smallest highlands of Alpine style – The High Tatras, beautiful caves, mineral spring wealth, numerous health resorts but also modern aquatic parks in the womb of the nature attract visitors not only from Slovakia all the year round. On the other hand, Slovakia is a very modern and extremely fast growing country. As a result, the number of its visitors has more than doubled in the last ten years. Detailed information about Slovakia – places of interest, various activities, maps, events, pictures of Slovakia, and further interesting tips and news can be found on the National tourism portal of Slovakia. Here



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